Thursday, May 14, 2009

Super Bobble - Free Pattern

This one's not mine guys; it a product of the mind of one Alyssa Kabel. I'm just providing the space. Without further ado: 

       The Super Bobble

Designed by Alyssa Kabel
Finished Size:      Adult 20 -22” (50-60 cm)
Yarn: 1 ball of Twinkle’s Soft Chunky (83 yds, 200 grams, 100% wool/Super Bulky). I used the color Hazel.
Needles:       #13 16” circular needles,  #17 16” circular,   #17 DPNs
Gauge:     2 sts = 1” in stockinette
Notions:     Jumbo Marker, Darning needle

CO: Cast on
K: Knit
P: Purl
P3tog: Purl 3 stitches together
KFBF: Knit stitch leaving it on the left needle, knit into the back loop of this stitch, do not slip the stitch off, knit into the front of the stitch again and slide all three off together. 
Bobble: KFBF, turn, P3tog, turn, K1
K2tog: Knit 2 stitches together
M1: Make 1 increase.  From the back, lift the loop between the stitches with left needle, knit into the front of loop.
Psso: pass slipped stitch over
DDC: Slip 1 stitch, K2tog, psso

CO 36 sts with smaller needle.
Place marker.
 Join in the round being careful not to twist.
Next row: *K1P1* 
Repeat ribbing for 4 rows, slipping the marker as you come to it.
Following row: *K2, M1* repeat between *’s. (54 sts) 
Change to larger needle.
Knit 1 row, increasing one stitch. (55 sts)
Row 1: * Bobble, K4 *. Repeat between *’s.
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: K3, bobble *K4, bobble*. Repeat between *’s. End K1. 
Row 4: Knit
Row 5: Repeat Row 1.
Decrease for the Crown:
Row 6: *K3, K2tog* (44 sts)
Row 7: *K3, Bobble* Repeat between *’s.
Change to #17 DPs.
Row 8: *K2, K2tog* (33 sts)
Row 9: *Bobble, K2*. 
Row 10: *K1, K2tog* (22 sts)
Row 11: K2 *Bobble, K4*  
Row 12: *K2tog* (11 sts)
Row 13:  K2tog *DDC* (4 sts)
Cut yarn, leaving a 6" (15 cm) tail. Thread tail onto a tapestry needle, draw through remaining stitches, and pull tight to close top of hat.  Weave in loose ends.  

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