Tuesday, November 17, 2009

New Patterns

About, gosh, a year ago now, my friend Megan demanded a pair of hand-knit arm warmers as payment for the super comfy couch she donated to me when it couldn't fit in her new apartment.

By the time I finally got around to knitting them, I had developed a minor obsession with gathered fabric and ruching, and so this happened. Some people seem to think it's a good thing . . .

Gauge: 8 sts/in in Stockinette
Materials: 400 - 500 yards of fingering weight yarns. I used 1.5 skeins of Punta Mericash Solids.
Size 2US needles

They have deliberate shaping from elbow to wrist and through the thumb gusset. They're super stretchy and will fit on arms of all sizes - I can say this with certainty, having forcibly tried them on arms of all sizes - and can be worn over the elbow, or just up to it.

They are knit in the round, and I think you'll find it most comfortable to use a method like magic loop that has the stitches divided on 2 needles, rather than on 3 or 4 as with double points.

The pattern for Bergen Street Mitts can be purchase for $5 on Ravelry or on Etsy. As always, any questions, comments, or concerns can be addressed to ErinRuth on Ravelry, or to erinruthknits@gmail.com.

ALSO - I have updated Claudette with new diagrams for tying the knot, as well as updated contact information. Anyone who has purchased the old version can get the updated version free, just e-mail me!

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  1. I found the pattern difficult to follow and the size 2 needles very small Took the pattern to several experts they couldnt help me I get lost stitches are easy enough but getting through first set of directions has stopped me cold